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For more information see Ms. Ocampo at CPHS, Rm 149
Phone #: (505) 368-4980
Chess Club
Anyone interested in playing chess after school is welcome to come to Mr. Larivee's room on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00pm. The club is closed on early release days. Snacks and drinks are usually available and maybe even some chocolate! It's a lot of fun, and at times even a teacher or two may drop in to try their luck!
Come and learn how to play chess or simply watch a chess match with food in your hands. All are welcome from Beginners to Advanced Chess Players. SEE YOU THERE!!!
After School Tutoring
There will be After School Tutoring Tuesday - Friday. Room assignments are as follow:
     Tuesday - Mr. Chee
     Wednesday - Ms. Noble
     Thursday - Mrs. Ocampo
     Friday - Mrs. Mizell

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Mikaela Francis    SENIORS    Travisson Wrangler
Career Prep has helped me get in a lot of missing credits in a short amount of time and I am thankful for that. My future plans are to go to college at ASU or NAU to earn a degree in Accounting/Business. I don’t look to anyone for inspiration but myself. Looking back at my past troubles and how hard I had to work to get to where I am today really pushed me and taught me that I can do anything. I am proud of myself because I wanted something and I expect myself to do what is necessary to get where I want to go. I just really set my mind for a better life and to prove to people as many people wrong about me as I can. My goal this year is to move out of my house, be on my home and help and support my mom in many ways. For my classmates: “Never Give UP. You’re doing this all for yourself and to better your life.” Career Prep has helped me succeed by letting me come back to school for a second chance to get my diploma. My future plans after high school are to join the Navy Seals, then see how far I can go from the skills I learn in that. Out of all the jobs I have had I realize I can do better and go farther with a high school diploma. I learned to not quit when things get hard. Just keep going. I don’t really have a role model that I admire. I want to say to my fellow classmates:” Keep trying and don’t give up on what you want in life. It can happen for you. Just believe you can and forget the Haters. Don’t let them get to you.”
Nominating Teacher: Mrs. Benally Nominating Teacher: Mrs. McCarthy

Tiara Anderson    JUNIORS    Damian Begay
Career Prep is helping me succeed by helping me earn the credits that I need to become a senior next year. My future plans are to graduate high school and start college to become a nurse. What inspires me to receive a high school diploma is thinking about my future and the good job I will be able to get. I look up to my Mom and Dad because they helped me through everything when I need it the most. My goals for this year would be to get good grades and be able to call myself a senior. I want to tell my fellow seniors: “Don’t give up. Try the hardest with what you are doing, and it will pay off and let you get started to a better life.” Career Prep has helped me succeed by giving me another chance to finish school and to follow my dreams. My future plans are to complete school and go on to college to study welding and mechanics. I am inspired to complete school and go to college so that I can have a better life and help out others. I most admire my mom because she does not give up on anything until it is finished. My goals for this year are to have good grades and attend school every day always pushing to succeed. The thing I would like to say to my fellow classmates is to keep going until you succeed but if you give up you’re being defeated by your own inability to push yourself to the limit and succeed.
Nominating Teacher: Mrs. Benally Nominating Teacher: Ms. Buche

April Morgan    SOPHOMORES    Orson Dickie
Career Prep is helping me to succeed by providing the teachers I have that help me a lot. They give me my makeup work and they help my grade improve. Someday I want to go into the military or maybe the medical field. I am inspired to get a high school dipoma because it is necessary to my career goals. My older sister is my inspiration. She is graduating and inspires me to do my best. Graduation is my goal and whatever it takes to get there. To my classmates I say: “Don’t give up. Try your very best and keep going.” Career Prep is helping me earn my credits so that someday I can move to Alaska and have a better future than my mom who never got her diploma. I look up to an extreme metal musician named Dani Filth because he does what he loves and he embraces the strange. My goals for this year are to live until it’s over and earn as many credits as I can. My advice to my classmates is: “Don’t Hate. Appreciate, Yo! And Be Better.” And to a special friend there is “Hysteria, when you’re near.”
Nominating Teacher: Mrs. Ocampo Nominating Teacher: Ms. Buche

Shaelynn Garninez    FRESHMEN    Dakota Whitehat
Career Prep is helping me succeed by giving me a second chance academically and providing me with daycare for my son. My future plans are to hopefully further my education, get a good job, and take care of my little family. My oldest sister and my son inspire me to graduate. I look up to my dad because he’s a hardworking man and I also look up to my boyfriend because he does all he can to make sure our son is okay. My goal for this year is to stay focused, get good grades, and come to school every day!! My advice for my classmates is: “Don’t be stupid and be that one annoying kid in class that always talks back. Come to school to learn. Leave all that “little kid” stuff at home for your parents.” Thank you to Career Prep Daycare Staff for looking after my son. It means a lot knowing that my son is just right down the hall. Career Prep is helping me to succeed through their encouragement and daycare program. Without this support I wouldn’t be able to think for myself. My future plans are to be a mechanic or welder, maybe even self-employed as a real entrepreneur. My son inspires me every day to get my diploma. I look up to my mother because she cares for and supports each of her children. My goal this year is to get at least two jobs. Nothing will pay me as much as a person with a diploma will. I advise my classmates: “Listen to your teachers and don’t talk back!! Thanks to teachers we are encouraged and taught how to get a job that will pay us enough to live on.”
Nominating Teacher: Mrs. Hamilton Nominating Teacher: Mrs. McComb

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Post Office Box 3514
West Hwy. 64
Shiprock, New Mexico 87420
Phone: (505) 368-4980
Fax: (505) 368-5703

PRINCIPAL.............................................Mrs. Staci Gallaher
COUNSELOR.............................................Mr. Dwayne Manus
ATTENDANCE SECRETARY..................................Ms. Regina Benally
REGISTRAR/LIBRARIAN...................................Ms. Joann John
DAYCARE DIRECTOR......................................Ms. Laurinda Warren-Draper
SCHOOL HEALTH NURSE...................................Ms. Ann McCarthy
WORK EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR...........................Ms. Bunny McComb

Mission Statement:
The mission of Career Prep High School is to provide students with the opportunities necessary to earn a high school diploma. This will be accomplished by creating a positive learning environment, maintaining high expectations and challenging students to make choices that will result in life-long learning, career development, cultural awareness and community involvement.

The complex is located on West Highway 64 just past Eva B. Stokely Elementary School and the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center.
Turn at the light by the City Market shopping complex heading North/West and proceed past Dine College West, Shiprock High, The Phil, EBS, and turn at the CPHS digital sign.
The entrance to Career Prep is near the flag poles.

Since it opened in 1994 as the alternative school for Central Consolidated School District, Career Prep High School has been serving students who have needed a different approach to education.
With its smaller learning community, focus on relationships with students, and a career focus, CPHS students find an opportunity to excel. Student interests guide their course selection towards a career program of study. Faculty advisors assist them in pursuing their career goals and overcoming barriers to success in school.